Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After Midnight: McCain does not understand what I want: I want National heathcare for ALL US Citizens that pay taxes like me.

The highlights:
20 million new uninsured
Healthy consumers will need to sock away 25% of pre-tax income for higher deductibles
Consumers with pre-existing conditions are screwed.

This is not National Healthcare, Folks.
I want a single payer health plan JUST LIKE OUR SENATORS: McCain and Obama have it.
I want it for everyone. Or for every US citizen that is paying US taxes like me and YOU!

1) What are we paying taxes for in the first place? Don't believe this TAXING BS! You and I already pay taxes: I am suggesting that it be spent on National Healthcare and NOT this WAR!
2) A national healthcare program will take care of Vets, you, me, our children, and our old relatives and friends... I am asking for CHANGE! Universal coverage of ALL USa citizens!
3) Small businesses would not be at a disadvantage: all of their employees would be covered. Small business would not have this major expense to get good employees.
4) Both Large and Small USa businesses would be MORE COMPETITIVE with overseas companies for JOBS HERE: they would not have this EXPENSE to support. OUR workforce would be LESS EXPENSIVE than the European Companies and so called Developed countries that all ready have national healthcare and the companies in LESSER developed countries that DON'T CARE about HEALTHCARE for employees and DON'T offer it anyway! What is human life worth when you pay only 25 cents a day for a worker?
5) YOU would have MORE MONEY in your BUDGET to spend on other things: Healthcare is 1/3 of my income every month. My RENT is 1/2 of my income. If we all had National Healthcare, we would have MORE MONEY TO SPEND, sending our kids to better schools or to College... National Healthcare would create MORE middle class Americans!
6) With National Healthcare, WE would be better off. WE would be MORE PRODUCTIVE!
We would enjoy a BETTER quality of live in this GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS!

McCain does not want National Heathcare, but then again he is better off than MOST OF USa!
Obama does want National Heathcare, because he understands what it means to USa!

Goodnight. IT is too late. But I needed to post this at least ONCE.


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