Friday, September 12, 2008

Arthritis knee op 'does not work'

The surgery is not recommended in the UK
An operation offered to ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis makes no difference, say Canadian doctors.
Patients given knee arthroscopy showed no improvement beyond that provided by physiotherapy and painkillers.
Arthritis experts in the UK said some surgeons were still carrying out the operation, against national guidance.
They said New England Journal of Medicine study showed doctors still relying on the technique to treat osteoarthritis were misguided.

FD: National Healthcare is MY ISSUE.

Where did that issue go? Pig Lips!

Hey, Folks, every citizen of the USa deserves access to good preventative care, good diagnosis screening, and good treatment when it is needed. (And lower cost medications!)

"How will we pay for it?"

What do you pay taxes for?

Our government is spending BEYOND IT'S INCOME and piling up our DEBT.


We are already TAXED FOR IT, so DEMAND IT.

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