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The concept of Revelation to the Pumpernickel Press...

The Revelation of Birth Verse
(... which many might call inspiration of product creation)

One morning, Bob Harju, the owner of Pumpernickel Press, a greeting card company, was praying and asked God for his next creative assignment. Immediately an idea came to Bob. There’s a scripture verse to correlate with each day of the year—and every day is someone’s birthday. Bob, however, wasn’t the only person God was talking to.

Cindy James, an employee at Pumpernickel Press, was looking up scriptures when she suddenly noticed how the chapter and verse numbers in the Bible could correlate with birth dates. She remembered a prayer she had written in her journal just a few days before expressing her love for creativity and asking God for direction.

Bob and his wife and Cindy and her husband met for dinner. Cindy shared her story with the Harju’s and Bob almost passed out. He could hardly believe his ears! Cindy was talking about the very same idea he had received just a week earlier.

Once the four friends recovered from the shock of this “revelation,” they realized God had entrusted them with an important idea. This idea involved the awesome responsibility and privilege of spreading His Word.


You are a child of God, His treasured possession. He created you in His own image.
He chose the day for you to be born. He has a plan and a purpose for your life.
Cherish your birthverse.

BIRTHVERSE consists of 366 verses chosen from the 66 books of the Bible.
Each verse correlates the chapter and verse with its month and day.

What I was interested in was the SELECTION of BIRTH VERSES... Birth stones, zodiac signs.

Then I discovered that Zodiac Signs and Birth Stones are related:
Early civilizations such as India and Babylon have attributed gemstones with magical properties. Over time, astrologers assigned gems of certain colors to the twelve signs of the zodiac to help people influence the planets in their favor.

There are several traditions and it is an interesting read.

And there Verses for the Birthstones, too!
The Gregorian calendar has poems matching each month with its birthstone.
These are traditionally the stones in English-speaking societies.

Three of the verses are repeats,
By her who in January was bornNo gem save garnets shall be wornThey will ensure her constancyTrue friendship and fidelity.
The February born shall findSincerity and peace of mind,Freedom from passion and from care,If they, the amethyst will wear.
By her who in March was bornNo gem save Bloodstone shall be wornThey will ensure her constancyTrue friendship and fidelity.
She who from April dates her years,Diamonds shall wear,lest bitter tearsFor vain repentance flow.
Who first beholds the light of dayIn spring's sweet, flower month of MayAnd wears an Emerald all her lifeShall be a loved and a loving wife.
By her who in June was bornNo gem save Pearls shall be wornThey will ensure her constancyTrue friendship and fidelity.
The gleaming Ruby should adorn,All those who in July are born,For thus they'll be exempt and free,From lover's doubts and anxiety.
Wear a Peridot or for thee,No conjugal fidelity,The August born without this stone,`Tis said, must live unloved; alone.
A maiden born when autumn leavesAre rustling in September's breeze,A Sapphire on her brow should bind;To bring her joy and peace of mind.
October's child is born for woe,And life's vicissitudes must know,But lay an opal on her breast,And hope will lull those woes to rest.
Who first comes to this world belowIn dreary November's fog and snow,Should prize the topaz amber hue,Emblem of friends and lovers true.
If cold December gave you birthThe month of snow and ice and mirthPlace on your hand a turquoise blue;Success will bless whate'er you do.
—Gregorian Birthstone Poems

Then is 1912...Modern Birthstones
In 1912, in an effort to standardize them, the American national association of jewelers, Jewelers of America, officially adopted a list, shown in the "Modern" column in the table below. It is currently the most widely used list in the United States and many other locations, including Australia and Thailand. Some alternates have been adopted to be a less expensive substitute for a cut stone.

Then came another revelation of Tanzanite
Tanzanite was added to December by the American Gem Trade Association in 2002. Most organizations do not recognize tanzanite as a December birthstone, however, and the AGTA's move to make it a December birthstone has generally been viewed as a marketing ploy.[citation needed]

And to my surprise, there are birth flowers, too!
And my guess would be that from both come birth colors!

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