Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If only I had gotten mine for this election... with five dogs, we could have gotten through the candidates quickly!

CHEWY: A petfood company has created rubber chew toys in the likeness of Helen Clark and John Key for the KIWI election campaign.

New Zealand's top politicians are going to the dogs this election.
Petfood company Masterpet has launched its own election campaign, in a bid to predict which party leader is going to be "dog tucker" come November 8.
The company has created rubber chew toys in the likeness of Helen Clark and John Key for the campaign.
Masterpet will monitor sales of the toys, holding their own mini-election to see which toy is most preferred by pet owners. The sales results will be posted online as 'political polls' on the political blog
Masterpet North Island sales manager Peter Couchman urged people to get in quick, saying that like politicians, the toy's shelf life might be limited.
"Early data in our reverse poll (the "dog tucker" poll) suggests a preference for Helen Clark. But this is one poll she may not want to be ahead in!”
The figures had the Clark toy cornering 59 per cent of the market, with Key trailing with 26 per cent of sales.
Masterpet have also released rubber toys of popular current affairs show hosts Mark Sainsbury and John Campbell.
Campbell is currently leading early sales with 9 per cent of all toys sold, with Sainsbury on 6 per cent.
The toys are available at specialty pet stores, vet clinics and selected supermarkets.
1. Remember your purchase is part of a political poll - your vote counts
2. Wear suitable ear protection when supervising your dog's playtime with the toy. As with real politicians, the squealing can become quite deafening.
3. Keep dog on a leash if around real politicians. Masterpet does not accept any liability for dog toy mistaken identity.
4. When choosing a toy, take your dog along with you. Man's best friend doesn't like political ideologies thrust upon him/her more than the next person.
5.If your dog destroys the politician in the first five minutes don't hold this against your dog - the media do it every week.

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