Friday, September 5, 2008

OK. So you don't believe in Global Warming. I do.

Al Gore may not have invented the Internet, but he is right about global climate change.

We can not afford to stick our [ ] up our [ ] for eight more years!

You and I can not HIDE from this FACT.

What Causes Global Warming, human activity or the sun?

The final answer is not in, but you can see the results so far.

(1) Exhaust is clearly the source of CO2. (2) Everyone now agrees the earth is warming. (3) Decide for yourself if warming is better explained by CO2, or the sun's heat.

The Effects of Global Warming. We can see the long-term
effects coming in the melting of polar ice and glaciers.
But a powerful trend in Atlantic hurricane data indicates
we can already see the impact. Katrina was partly the result
of a normal weather cycle, but that cannot explain away
stronger hurricanes world wide.

Can we Stop Global Warming?It's too late for that, but we can slow it down and lessen its effects. CO2 does not last as long in the air as was once thought, so the big problem is slowing human use of fossil energy, especially coal.

(Especially since CO2 goes into the ocean and destroys coral reefs results in large fish kills.)

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