Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FORD is Driving the Market!

from The Wall Street Journal

Japan's auto makers posted steeper declines in May than most of their American counterparts, though most auto makers reported their highest sales of 2009.

Ford posted the most modest decline at 24%,
while General Motors reported a 29% drop
and Toyota logged a 41% drop.
Chrysler posted a 47% decline.
Nissan and Honda posted declines of 33% and 39%, respectively.


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Wonderful interactive chart with the article on line.

Ford, the only one of the Detroit makers that hasn't needed a government bailout, reported a 24% drop in sales to 155,620 vehicles. That was Ford's smallest decline since July.

Ford outsold Toyota in the U.S. for the second month in a row and said its market share grew.

Ford plans to take advantage of GM's and Chrysler's troubles, announcing a 10,000-vehicle increase in second-quarter production and projecting its third-quarter output will be up some 10% from a year earlier.

These are Ford's first significant production increases in almost two years.

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