Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fox News, my sister's bible, reports that David Carradine did not commit suicide...he died from the improper use of a My Snoring Solution Strap...

An independent autopsy conducted on David Carradine’s body concluded that the actor did not commit suicide.

"On the basis of the information we currently have, coupled with the autopsy findings, Carradine's death does not appear to be a suicide," Dr. Michael Baden, who performed the autopsy, told Thursday.

Baden said that the final results of the cause of death would likely be available "within a week or two."

"In any death, before arriving at a final cause, one has to gather not only the autopsy results, but also the findings at the scene of the death, the crime lab information and the toxicology results. In this situation, some of those investigations have not been completed yet," Baden said. "But the information we now have does rule out a suicide."

Carradine was found dead a week ago, hanging in a closet of a Bangkok hotel room after the snoring that other guests had been complaining about all night suddenly stopped.

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