Monday, June 22, 2009

Life is Too Short to Switch Search Engines... Bing? Who cares?

Friday, June 19, 2009

MS fit. Snark, snark. (click here)
Don't get me going on a rant about Micro$haft, or little Bill Gates. Oh well, just a little fit. I'm entitled; I bought Windows when it was just 'Windows' in 1987.I've spent too much time over the last 20+ years grousing about how they goobered up a good product when they left Windows 2 (decent upgrade! the only one!) to go all GUI and Mac-ish with Win3. Downhill ever since.This bing thing. Who cares? Too late. Bite me, Bill.Here's a good comparison of search engines from Berkeley (bing's not on it).They compare three: Google, Yahoo, and something else. Isn't it that way for most people? We use Google or Yahoo; everything else is also-ran.

MS Fit has more to say about Bing and Bill Gates at her BLOG - A Good Fit.
Click on MS. Fit. Snark, Snark for the rest of the rest of this piece on her blog.

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