Wednesday, June 17, 2009

News Wrap Up... the old 60-40 Ratio again. Those are spinning plates and not UFOs by the way....

Teasing the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out tonight at 6:30 pm ET, just 37% believe that President Obama is taking on too many issues and is not focused enough on the most important ones. That's compared with 60% who say that Obama is focused on all of these issues because the country is facing so many problems. Tune into NBC Nightly News or for the results.
Obama outlined a set of proposals today to better regulate the financial system and prevent the kinds of risky behavior that helped send the economy into a tailspin last year, NBC's Athena Jones reports.
Gay rights activists are questioning just how far Obama's memo on same-sex benefits for federal workers goes, NBC's John Yang reports.
In his first print interview since the news broke that he'd admitted cheating on his wife, former presidential candidate John Edwards says he doesn't necessarily regret his 2008 run. "He said that for all the trauma that came of the 2008 campaign, he is not ready to declare that it had been a mistake to run, calling that a 'very complex question,'" The Washington Post writes. "Did it make sense to run and stay in the race? Time will tell," he said.
A day after Republican John Ensign admitted to an affair with a staffer, he resigned his Senate leadership post.
After bipartisan bouts of sticker shock on preliminary cost estimates of health-care reform, the Senate Finance Committee will very likely delay the introduction of its bill. Instead, the panel will focus on efforts to reduce the cost of the package, which one estimate puts as high as $1.6 trillion, NBC's Ken Strickland reports.
Meanwhile, top Republicans in the House today unveiled a GOP health-care plan, stressing that they were looking forward to working with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, NBC's Luke Russert reports.
After going through the votes for the supplemental last night, there was one noticeable Republican who voted for it, Russert reports. Of the five GOPers voting for the Democratic bill, was Rep. John McHugh (R-NY). The ranking Republican member on the House Armed Services Committee bucking his party? McHugh also was recently nominated by President Obama to become Secretary of the Army.
The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice have come to an agreement on giving Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents more expanded powers to engage in international drug investigations, particularly on the border with Mexico, NBC's Mike Kosnar reports.
Vice President Biden, ever the jokester, kicked off a summit this morning hosted by Senate Democrats on "Green Jobs" by repeating calls from the Obama administration that the U.S. must urgently shift to a clean energy economy to create new jobs in renewable energy sectors like wind, solar and bio-fuel technologies, NBC's Scott Foster reports. (Don't miss him joking about his own penchant for gaffes.)
NBC's Ali Arouzi reports from inside Iran on the election fallout.
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