Friday, June 12, 2009

OK. Now I have a Snore Jaw Guard suggested to me. I'll bit! Use Both and write a review to pay for them!

Pure Sleep is an FDA-cleared prescrip-tion dental device designed to reduce or elimi-nate snoring.
PureSleep was invented by Dr. Douglas Fenton in 1995 and dentists have been using it successfully for more than a decade.
Now you can use PureSleep for yourself or give it as a gift to someone you know–all without a prescription and without the high cost.

PureSleep is not intended to treat sleep apnea or any other disease. PureSleep should not be used by anyone under 18 years of age; anyone who has been diagnosed with central sleep apnea or a severe respiratory disorder; or anyone with loose teeth, oral abscesses, severe gingivitis, full dentures, or temporomandibular disorder.
Pure Sleep Company recommends against use of PureSleep by anyone currently undergoing orthodontic treatment or anyone who has had a dental implant within the last year.
PureSleep has been known to cause mild and most often temporary soreness as the teeth and jaw acclimate to its use and it is normal to experience a modest and temporary bite change in the morning after use. If sharp, severe, or ongoing pain occurs, or if bite changes persist, use of PureSleep should be discontinued immediately.

After three laser throat operations I still had a snoring problem. Years after giving up I was introduced to the PureSleep device and no longer suffer from interrupted sleep. It is just like the mouth guard prescribed by a dentist to prevent grinding teeth with the added benefit of no longer snoring.
-Brian I.

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