Sunday, June 7, 2009

Other Blogs: Steve's Nude Memphis Blog

Steve's Nude Memphis Blog
I live in Memphis, in a neighborhood that was rumored to be nice, but as it turns out, sometimes isn't. I have a neighbor who calls himself 'Rooster', another who answers only to 'Yo G!' Life is rarely dull, as the average Memphian has an IQ slightly higher than Forrest Gump, and acts accordingly. A small number of Memphians are geniuses. Even fewer still have hearts of gold. Unfortunately, in the war for our future, the Forrest Gumps seem to be winning. Come read all about it.

Memphis Steve
I live in Memphis. I don't own a confederate flag, but I do drive a pickup truck. Everyone here seems to be related. If you move here then you are forever an outsider. I, being from a rival southern state, am considered to be worse than a Yankee due to football rivalries involving colleges that many of the worst people here never attended. Many of my neighbors drive monster trucks and use them to run people off the road for fun. They live by the T-shirt slogan “the biggest truck always has the right of way.” Everyone who moves to Memphis immediately says to themselves "oh Lord, what have I done?" And then they try to move away again. Ah, but there's the rub. Once Memphis has sucked you in, you can never leave. It's like herpes, there's no cure. I have tried to leave Memphis for the past 8 years. And yet, here I am. It's a life sentence. It's hell, only wetter and with hookers. View my complete profile
FD: I have read this blog on occasion (sp).
Noticed that the Hairy Dog story was also on his blog this week ... so, I thought I should pitch his blog to my few readers. As you can see, he is a hard core Cynic.
Would have done my father proud to call him a Southern Boy.

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