Monday, June 22, 2009

Update: Iran

TEHRAN -- Iran's Guardian Council, a top review panel with responsibility for overseeing the June 12 presidential election, said it had uncovered some irregularities in the polls, finding the number of votes in 50 districts exceeded the number of voters.

In Tehran, a relative and tenuous calm appeared to hold into Monday morning after Saturday's bloody clashes between protesters and security forces, but an escalating campaign of arrests and the continued political standoff signaled a potential widening divide among Iran's power holders.

A senior Iranian petroleum official, meanwhile, was quoted early Monday saying post-election unrest hadn't impacted the country's oil output or crude exports.

The Guardian Council announcement, made Monday on state-run media, was the first admission by authorities of voter irregularities. But a council spokesman also said the irregularities were much less wide-spread than unsuccessful opposition candidates had alleged in recent complaints.

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