Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Please don't waste your time, telling me that President Obama is not up to the job... he is plenty Man Enough. Like Truman when it comes to WAR.

I think Obama will do okay for a young man, wet behind those BIG ears. He is a great poker player, and sized up Putin quickly this weekend...

He has visited troops at all the bases that we have acrossed the world as he has traveled...
He is like President Truman, a civilian Commander in Chief, he likes to drop in on Generals and listen to them at the front liines.
He will fire them if they don't make sense, just like Truman did. Just as Obama has done in Afghanastan last month.

Of course he is taking on all the items on his TODO list in the first year, AND the economy, but he staffed up to do that ... he delegates and monitors and stays on
top of things by "walking around alot..."

He wants Bin Laden, dead or alive... mostly dead.
He wants Iraqi to stand up without USa, but he seems to want to stack
the deck of cards in the Middle East with Israeli and Palestine as
separate and independent states with Suni and Shia Moslems balanced
and on some sort of equal footing .... which means NO nukes in Iran.
and NO Il quada nests in Pakastan and Afghanastan. That mission means
more USa dead.
More trading peace and security for tribal cooperation (brides).
USSR/Russia spent over a decade in Afghanastan and lost.
Britian tried it before them.
France before them.
Chinia before them.

Oil, Opium, and Ocean access.
IT is in the middle of one of the
world's cross roads.


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