Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being both an "old fart" and a natural gas supporter, I like this theory. However, this is NOT PROOF OF LIFE ...wish I could type out how the English.

pronounce the word "ME-THANE" as to American "METH-ANE"
Methane study favors life on Mars theory -
"LONDON, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- Imperial College London scientists say they have ruled out the possibility that methane is delivered by meteorites into Mars' atmosphere. That finding, the researchers note, raises fresh hopes that the gas might be generated by life on the red planet.
Scientists said methane on Mars is being constantly replenished by an unidentified source. Researchers had thought meteorites might be responsible because, when the rocks enter the planet's atmosphere, they're subjected to intense heat, causing a chemical reaction that releases methane and other gases into the atmosphere. But now the Imperial College London study has shown the volumes of such meteoritic methane are too low to maintain the current atmospheric levels of methane. Previous studies have also ruled out the possibility the methane is created through volcanic activity. That, the researchers say, means either there are microorganisms living in the martian soil producing methane gas or methane is being produced as a by-product of reactions between volcanic rock and water."

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