Thursday, January 7, 2010

Before I leave the 3D and 4D TV Theme, notice what was mentioned in the previous comes down to bandwidth media storage again...

"Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to directly upload these recordings to the net, leaving room for inefficient, in-person, illegal “playback” dealings of MiniDiscs similar to buying and selling drugs..."

Sometimes SCIFI addresses this by making it up...

When you are selling something like 3D TV you can not bet on making it up in the future, because there is no future market... there is only today's market of early adopters, those that will pay almost anything for the FIRST ONE.

Does 3D TV require more bandwidth and media storage than HDTV?
If the answer is NO, then there is no science fiction barrier to cross.

However, there are some practical issues that someone needs to think about with 3D TV:

Do you still have to wear those glasses?

Does it make some people sick?

Does it NOT work everyone - some people don't get the 3D experience even with the glasses on thier eyes... their brains are wired differently?

Can it be seen on HDTV sets?

We are talking about killing the installed base of HDTVs as well as old TVs like mine. This is what we are seeing with Blue-RAY players, HIGH COST but build in compatibility...

Can it be recorded in HDTV format for the AFTER MARKET?
Can it be played back on PC Computers for the AFTER MARKET?

Looks like we are looking at a live broadcast or DVR type market.
And that is not very many buyers, Folks.

How many of you are planning to see Prairie Home Companion (a radio show!) at your local movie theater as a live broadcast in HD in February? It is only $20 a person at selected theater locations....

Not me, but some of my friends will be there for sure...but is it enough to keep this type of production experience to continue? We shall see...


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