Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you make sense of nonsense? So, tonight, I find another website on the same topic, sort is two planes in one.. piggy-back.

EYE WITNESS TO STEALTH CRAFT: "Sent: Friday, June 08, 2007 8:56 AM
Subject: The Weirdest Plane I've Ever Seen

Hi: I'm so excited I just have to tell everyone about his.

I was standing out in my yard examining the garden and I heard a loud airplane. It sounded very low, so I looked up to see what kind it was. I couldn't see the plane, but I was hearing the sound. The sound usually follows the plane after it passes, so I looked ahead of the sound and what I saw nearly blew my mind.

I was seeing this ghost of a plane it seemed - it looked like a normal size and shape plane, with normal wings, but it was the same color as the sky, except the wing edges seemed a little darker blue. It seemed that there was a haze in the sky where the plane was like it was hiding the plane, but I could still see the ghostly image of the plane and the sound followed it so I knew I wasn't imagining what I was seeing. The plane was headed west by northwest towards Modesto, CA. The sky was clear blue and cloudless with no haze. The haze was seen only under the plane itself.

It was amazing. I still can't get over it - it was like seeing the sky 'through' the plane like it was mostly invisible. Amazing.


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