Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Be Sad for Mars Rover, Celebrate a Robotic Life Fully Lived - Tonic

NASA confirms that Mars Spirit rover, stuck since spring, may not come back from the hibernation command it is issuing as Martian winter approaches. It's had an amazing six year run, so sadness is far less appropriate than celebration.

We knew that this day was coming. The impending sense that we would soon have to say goodbye has lingered for months.
But in spite of the potential for sadness on this occasion, the end of the red dusty road for the Mars Rover Spirit must be embraced as a cause for celebration. If there were New Orleans-style jazz funerals for space gadgets, this would be the perfect occasion, and I'd be the first to assemble my saxophone and step into marching formation with the band." READ MORE ON THE LINK ABOVE

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