Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Enough of the History of Haiti, what is happening today? Very, interesting blog by a Doctor in Haiti...

Mark Hyman, MD: Haiti Journal: Hacksaws and Vodka -- Resurrecting Port-au-Prince's Largest Hospital From The Rubble:
"Haiti Journal Day 4: January 18, 2010
EDITOR'S NOTE: Two photo slideshows appear in this post. The first one is not graphic. The second one includes extremely graphic depictions of surgery and wounds. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.
The country has one doctor for 11,000 people. Electricity and running water are available in Port-au-Prince for two hours -- on a good day. The chief surgeon at the General Hospital (the largest public national hospital) told me that patients often die in the operating room because the generator fails -- on a good day. Under these circumstances, a small group from Partners in Health, led by Paul Farmer, is trying to resurrect the city's most important hospital from the rubble."
This is a long piece and lots of photos... FD

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