Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ever get a really strange email in your box? Usually, I simply delete them without opening, judging from the Subject Line... This one was about UFOs.


That was all it contained in the subject line and the message... it turns out to be about a new aircraft from the US Airforce, called the TR-3B.

"Yes I know you've seen the photo on the Aurora page, but as it's the only one I have it will have to do. I do ask if this is Aurora or 'Something Else'. I think it just may be possible that it is the TR-3B, but as very little is know about the aircraft it is by no means certain.

I have received many enquiries concerning this vehicle and after a lot of research I have discovered very little. The one thing that is apparent is that if it does exist it is certainly the Blackest of Black Projects the US Airforce has so far undertaken. If only 25% of the information I have found is true then this aircraft belongs in the realms of Star Wars fiction and not as an ongoing program.

Over the last few years numerous sightings of a Black Triangular aircraft have been reported . A number of these can be discounted as they were probably either F111's, F14's or even RAF Tornado's in full swept-wing configuration. However that still leaves a number which are 'Unexplainable'.These constitute reports of a vehicle that can hover as well as a capability of extremely high speed level flight, and invariabley accompanied by either complete silence or a loud pulsing engine note. This would certainly fit the profile as reported in the 'Belgian Incident'.(See Aurora Page)."

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