Sunday, January 3, 2010

I suspect that there were many FDR secrets that USa were not aware of during a REAL or shall we say MAJOR war... it was an issue for McCain in 2008...

Bet you that Churchill knew about it... note the McCain like jaw on FDR's left side (which was not photographed often during his life) in this later WWII photo.

A new book claims that President Franklin D. Roosevelt, right in February 1945, died from a tumor when his skin cancer metastasized.

It's hardly news that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was not a healthy man as he lead the nation during World War II. But aside from the cardiac problems that the public has known about for years, the authors of a new book argue that he suffered from a deadly form of skin cancer, and that it eventually killed him.

In "FDR's Deadly Secret," authors Eric Fettman and Dr. Steven Lomazow, a neurologist, claim that a melanoma above his left eyebrow metastasized over the last four years of FDR's life and caused a tumor that killed him in April 1945.

Fettman, one of the authors of the book, wrote about the findings in the New York Post Sunday. Fettman is an editor for the paper.

Fettman says he, his co-author and a respected dermatopathologist inspected dozens of photos of FDR's skin lesion, and says the president's "shockingly inept delivery of his final public speech strongly suggests that he suffered from hemianopia-- the inability to see the text in the left side of his field of vision."

Fettman and Lomazow say in the book that FDR ran for a third and fourth term in the White House while knowing "full well that he faced a likely death sentence."

The authors say the president's doctors lied to the public about his health before and after his death.

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