Thursday, January 28, 2010

It seems that we can all save money by just using LESS soap in the wash... we have over engineered landry.

Americans Use Too Much Laundry Detergent - "By ELLEN BYRON
In the laundry room, Americans are prone to overkill. They pour too much detergent into their washing machines.

Generations of consumers have washed clothes with the idea that more soap means cleaner laundry. But the sudsy habits are creating messy problems from dingy clothing to worn machines.

Learning to Do Laundry Right
Test your laundry skills by spotting the common mistakes in this illustration.

Making matters worse, the latest generation of detergents are concentrated and so require users to use less product-per-washload than ever before. And more consumers are buying high efficiency washers, which need far less water than older models. It's a combination begging for more careful measuring—something Americans stubbornly resist.

'Before it didn't matter as much,' says Mary Zeitler, consumer scientist for Whirlpool Corp.'s Institute of Fabric Science. 'But now you have to be much more precise in dosing.'"

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