Friday, January 29, 2010

The Late-Term-Abortion image motivates killing of abortionists and fuels the opposition to ALL FORMS of contraception that would have prevented it.

When putting the earlier post together, I "found" this image and then discovered that it had been "removed" and replaced with a more "acceptable" image of simply a bloody baby, without the decapition.

PREVENTION of pregnancy is ProChoice.
Contraception options are ProChoice.
Family planning is ProChoice.
The Morning After Pill is ProChoice.
No one really wants abortion for the child or the mother.
Abortion, legal or illegal, is the final option that pregnant women should have.
It is still the woman's choice: it is ProChoice. Not ProAbortion.
Modern medical technology makes all choices possible, that is ProChoice.
All technology is the simple application of science, that is ProChoice.
The most ancient belief that actual birth is the REAL beginning of LIFE is ProChoice.
The belief that life is the simple conception of a zygote creates our modern dilemma of Freedom of Choice, both ProLife and ProChoice.

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