Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nuclear Powered, Anti-Gravity, USAF, Top-Secret, Spy Plane or just the "Penetrator" or SR-75... spotted in Belguim.

"The top secret SR-75 is a hypersonic strategic reconnaissance, or SR spy plane, and is called the Penetrator. It is also a mothership, which I will explain shortly. Hypersonic speeds start at approximately Mach 5.

The SR-75 replaced the SR-71 spy plane, which was retired in 1990, by the Air Force, who said, "there is no replacement, all we really need is our spy satellites to do the job."

Ha! The new SR-75 is capable of positioning anywhere in the world in less than 3 hours. It carries multi-spectral sensors, such as optical, radar, infrared, and laser. It collects images, electronic’s intelligence, signals intelligence, and illuminates targets."

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