Thursday, January 7, 2010

This bit from the WSJ about 3D TV sounds way too familiar for anyone that has been in consumer electronics for decades... looking for the Killer App..

"At least four new 3-D television networks are in the works, as entertainment and electronics companies look to push 3-D movies, TV programs and sporting events into more American homes.

The new networks are part of a larger effort to surmount a chicken-and-egg problem that has long bedeviled 3-D's expansion into the home: how to convince consumers and media companies to invest in a technology when there is both little content and few people with the equipment to watch it.

DirecTV Inc. is planning to launch two 3-D channels and a 3-D video-on-demand service in the U.S., according to a ... "

It seems like we have been here before....

1. RCA had NBC to broadcast Color TV shows so it could sell color TVs.

2. SONY entertainment was created during the Beta v. VHS wars.

3. Polariod was successful with Instant Photo but failed to sell PolaVision for making and showing instant movie film...

4. VHS killed that one, only to be killed by Digital movies in the MPG format and we are seeing the end of VHS tape even as the DVD era dims.

(Instant Imaging might be linked to people wanting to make and to see pornography... sure the home movies of the kids are great, but the porn market drives much of the innovation of visual technology... maybe Sports has the power that Porn once had... but I suspect that Porn movies will be right behind the wave if 3D TV one takes off.)

5. Microcomputers owe their success to software, even cointed the phrase KILLER APP, for example the Visicalc Spreadsheet made the microcomputer into the PC computer that drove the market and providing the expansion of computer hardware in homes today.

6. iPhone is more than a phone, because it is an applications platform, just like any microcomputer on the market today. It supports COLOR, SOUND, 2D GRAPHICS with TOUCH !

7.. VIDEO GAME PLAYERS are successful because their software provides almost 3D experiences!

That is what will really drive 3D TV!

When someone brings out the 3D VIDEO GAME BOX, that hooks up to the 3D TV!

Hey, Sony are you listening!


If you have stayed with me to this point, in this morning of mental writing, then I will tell you what will be the ulimate 4D experience.

It was visualized by the same man that is trying to perfect the 3D movie experience which is driving all this BUZZ about the possibility of 3D TV ... and who might perfect the 4D experience if he lives long enough.

James Cameron's film Strange Days, in which SQUIDs are used to record and play back human memories, some of which are exchanged on the black market as PORN. Talk about a head trip ... how would you like to BE one of the football players down on the field in the game?
What is that worth to you sports fans?

To feel the moment that Micheal Jordan leaps into the air and makes that basketball dunk.... that is 4D TV!

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