Monday, January 18, 2010

This is great piece of Journalism on the Jay/Canon/NBC Late Night Mess... there is a lot more to the story... click and read on....

"And if both guys ultimately fail? Well, they'll both do fine in that elusive long run. Conan will find a home. Jay can do standup in Vegas and elsewhere for the rest of his life and each week, he'll make enough money to buy another dozen Duesenbergs.

But regardless of what happens, I don't see any possible way that the current regime at NBC will be happy with how it all turned out. Eight months ago, they had a prosperous, thriving late night franchise and now it's a lot less profitable and likely to remain that way.

Even if Jay gets them back to first place, it's not going to be what it was...and one might also factor in the ancillary damage, like the fact that top TV producers will be extra-wary of selling their wares to a network that seems so dysfunctional about standing by its own committments."

As Jay put it : " NBC, do NOT BELIEVE your CONTRACT"


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