Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When something like this occurs, you realize how few independent brands exist... your favorite is just one of several made by a single company plant.

Food giant Nestle Tuesday announced it was buying Kraft Foods' frozen pizza units in the United States and Canada for 3.7 billion US dollars (2.5 billion euros).

"This frozen pizza business greatly enhances Nestle's frozen food activities in North America, bringing together a selection of great US and Canadian brands, industry-leading R&D and excellent route-to-market capabilities, which complement our existing ice cream direct-store-delivery," Nestle chief Paul Bulke said.

"With total sales of around 3 billion (Swiss francs), Nestle will become the world leader in the attractive, fast-growing frozen pizza category," he said.

A Nestle statement said the US is the largest pizza market in the world with consumer sales of about 37 billion US dollars.

It said with estimated sales of 2.1 billion US dollars in 2009, Kraft Foods was the leader in the frozen pizza category and had enjoyed double-digit growth in the US and Canada over the last four years. The Kraft brands include DiGiorno, Tombstone and California Pizza Kitchen.

"Selling this business now not only delivers an attractive return for our shareholders, but enables us to better focus our resources on priority global brands and categories," said Kraft chief executive officer Irene Rosenfeld.

"Nestle is well-positioned to continue building these powerhouse pizza brands, given its strength in frozen foods," Rosenfeld said

With a focus on convenient, nutritious and delicious meals, the NestlĂ© Prepared Foods Company is the maker of America's most popular frozen food brands, including STOUFFER'S®, LEAN CUISINE®, Maggi,and Papa Giuseppe.

Finally, look at the brands under another North American packaged foods company - ConAgra Foods, Inc.

Act II - Microwave Popcorn
Alexia - Appetizers, Artisan Breads, and Potato Products
Andy Capp's fries - flavoured corn and potato snack made to look like French fries.
Angela Mia - Tomato products and authentic Italian specialtiesAward Cuisine - Foodservice specialties that cross dayparts and temperature classes
Banquet - Frozen chicken and ready-to-heat meals
Big Mama Sausage - Snack-sized preserved sausages
Blue Bonnet - Margarine and bread spreads
Chef Boyardee - Ready-to-eat pasta meals
ConAgra Mills - Multi-use flours
Crunch 'n Munch - Glazed popcorn/nut mixture
David Sunflower Seeds - Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
Dennison's - Chili
Eagle Mills with Ultragrain - All-Purpose Flour made with Ultragrain
Egg Beaters - Processed egg product
Fernando's - Mexican entrees and appetizers
Fiddle Faddle - Glazed popcorn/nut mixture
Fleischmann's - Bread spreads
Gebhardt - Tex-Mex style foods
Gilroy Foods & Flavors - Vegetables, garlic, onions, and capsicums
Golden Cuisine - Ready-made food for seniors
Gulden's - Mustard
Healthy Choice - Ready-to-eat and prepared foods
Hebrew National - Kosher sausages, cold cuts and condiments
Hunt's - Canned tomato products, ketchup and barbecue sauce
Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding - Shelf-stable pudding
J. Hungerford Smith - Dessert ingredients for restaurants
J.M. Swank - Food ingredient distributor
Jiffy Pop - Popcorn
Kid Cuisine - Prepared foods for children
La Choy - Chinese-style foods
Lamb Weston - Potato products
Lamb Weston Inland Valley - Consumer sales of frozen potato products
Lightlife - Vegetarian meat product substitutes
Luck's - Canned baked beans
Manwich - Canned sloppy Joe mix
Margherita - Italian-style processed meats
Marie Callender's - Frozen meals
Move Over Butter - Margarine
Orville Redenbacher's - Popcorn
PAM - Spray cooking oils
Parkay - Bread spreads
Patio - Tex-Mex-style frozen meals
Pemmican - Beef and turkey jerky
Penrose - Pickled sausages
Peter Pan - Peanut butter
Poppycock - Premium Glazed popcorn/nut mixture
Ranch Style - Baked and Refried beans
Reddi-wip - Whipped cream
Ro*tel - Canned tomato sauce
Rosarita - Mexican - style foods
Screaming Yellow Zonkers - Glazed popcorn (Discontinued)
Slim Jim - Meat snacks
Swiss Miss -Powdered cocoa for hot chocolate and pudding
Squeez 'N Go - Prepared pudding
The MAX - Pizzeria quality products for foodservice operators
Van Camp's - Canned beans
VH - Sauces (Available in Canada only)
Vogel Popcorn - Popcorn
Wesson - Cooking oils
Wolf Brand Chili - Chili

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