Sunday, February 14, 2010

Burnt Orange Report: Another Website for Background on the Candidates in the Primary Elections...

Burnt Orange Report: Who We Are:

"Over the past few years Burnt Orange Report has evolved. When Burnt Orange Report started with Byron LaMasters and Jim Dallas on April 24, 2003, it was a site written by students for anyone interested in listening. It was a basic live-journal and its focus on Austin and the Capitol had a modest but loyal readership.
Over half a decade has passed and BOR is a different site. Since moving on to our latest soapblox platform, BOR has had over 4.5 million visitors come by the site over 8.5 million times to date. There are over 5,000 members of our community, and our third editor never attended a single class at UT.
BOR's editorial staff -- Matt and KT -- have been involved in politics, collectively, for almost 20 years. KT, has worked for internet guru ActBlue and now works for a U.S. Senate candidate. Matt has been a part of local, state, and federal races all over the country and worked the 80th session under the pink dome.
We don't bring this up to tell you how smart or clever we are, but to say, appearances might not always be what they seem. We have student writers but BOR also has institutional leaders, political consultants, elected officials, lobbyist and concerned Texans writing in our journals and in the comments."

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