Monday, February 8, 2010

If you still have your Grammy Awards 3-D Glasses, there is lots to look at on the Internet with them. I begin with a website on how to make 3-D images

Anaglyph (3D) pictures of Emperor Penguins:

"Those pictures look normal, don't they ? Well, they are not normal pictures. They are supposed to be viewed through red-cyan glasses. The left eye covered by the red filter and the right eye covered by the cyan filter. This way you should see a 3D effect."

As the Cassini orbiter whirls past Saturn and its moons, it's racking up a growing inventory of cool imagery - including 3-D views that are worth pulling out your red-blue glasses to see.

The latest stereo views were captured late last year and released this month: The picture above shows Prometheus, a 90-mile-long (145-kilometer-long), potato-shaped "shepherd moon" that keeps Saturn's F ring in line. The gravitational influence of Prometheus sculpts the ring's inner edge, while another shepherd moon known as Pandora serves a similar function just beyond the ring's outer edge.

To create the 3-D view, Cassini's imaging team selected two black-and-white images that were taken from slightly different angles, and then processed them to add perspective when the two-tone picture is seen through red-blue glasses. The images were taken from a distance of about 35,000 miles (57,000 kilometers).

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