Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Prayer Request in My Email this Fathers' Day

This is Noah Young.
He is mine and Debbie’s soon to be 4 year old grandson
(July 11th)

As one of five wonderful grandchildren you can see the beauty of this child. He is the blessing we all thought he would be. And yet, Noah is fighting something bigger than anything I have ever faced in my life. Some of you may remember when Noah was 4 months old he developed a myofibroma tumor on his back and had to have surgery to remove it. We almost lost him due to blood loss. That was almost 3 years ago and we were told by the doctors that it was a rare tumor than had a 90% chance of not coming back. Less than a year later Noah developed a second tumor near his carotid artery on the right side of his neck. It is inoperable because of the close proximity to major blood vessels and nerves. For the past 3 years Noah has fought this thing with weekly chemotherapy and has done a marvelous job of standing all the probing and prodding the doctors have to do.

This past weekend (June 13th) we found out the doctors have now found another spot on the opposite side of his neck that may be the start of another tumor. The first reaction is always horror. Any parent dreads news like this. Any grandparent does, too. My thoughts today are to try to hold my family close as we fight this thing together. So I went back to my mental drawing board and asked myself what we did when this happened the first time. First, we cried. The emotional roller coaster is a killer. It is what I think of when I go to bed and what I think of when I wake up. I have wished a thousand times God would give the tumors to me and let him live in good health. But I understand God knows more, sees more and has a given us a great opportunity to see Noah bless those he comes in contact with. So, this email to you all is to bring you up-to-date but more it is to ask or help.

We are not asking for money. Money may not be the answer anyway. At this juncture I have called all around the country to every cancer hospital known to man. But the same story always comes back. Since it is not formally cancer (it is non- cancerous) they say they cannot even see him. The bad part about a tumor like this is its ability to invade the body’s organs. When this happens life is threatened. Therefore, we are asking all who read this email not to lay it aside as we do so many that come our way. This is not some orphan in a foreign land, someone with no face. This is my grandson and I am asking all who will to partner with me and pray for him every day. And not for him alone but our family as well.

I am listing our family by name so you know who to pray for. I am asking that you pray personally every day and do not forget. I am asking that you forward this to as many people as you have on your email list, facebook, church, work or wherever you know people. I am also asking each one of you to respond to this email who will do as I am asking.

I would do this for any one of you or your children. God has broken my heat over this and I have to get the word out to pray and pray hard. God answers prayer. So, who is with me? All you have to do is post Noah’s picture and pray for him. Then let us know you are praying. You will be blessed and we will be blessed. I already thank each one of you who are reading this and sense the urgency I do. May God bless each one of you. I eagerly await your response.

Prayer List of our Family
Jay, Amy Elijah and Noah Young
Brian, Carrie, Summer, Kylie and Keely Mashburn
Roy & Debbie Lemley

In Christ,

Roy and Debbie Lemley

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