Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My choice for America's Got Talent - YouTube Performers: Dan Sperry ~ America's Got Talent YouTube acts Compete

In this week's "YouTube" edition of "America's Got Talent," Dan Sperry made a huge impact. His routine was an unusual and rather risky choice that he masterfully presented for maximum effect.

Sperry opened his segment with a fast and visual production that was accompanied by edgy music. With his Goth appearance, he immediately commanded everyone's attention and piqued their interest. The music then changed to a fifty's style ballad that contrasted with Sperry's persona and provided a fantastic setting for what followed.

Since his trick with the floss and candy was a close-up effect, Sperry wisely left the stage and approached the judges to perform. It was the best place to present the bit of geek magic that is designed to freak out spectators. And by performing in front of the judges, Sperry gained an intimacy that would have been lost had he stayed on stage and played to the camera.

The over-the-top reactions on the part of the show's judges may have been more for Howie Mandell's reaction to the floss, but Sperry created a stunning showstopper. From the staging to the music and the presentation itself, there was so much that Sperry did right. Well done.

You can watch a video of Sperry's performance here.

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