Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is the way W thought it was going to work... it works when the Liberation is from Within and NOT from Without Freedom....we can hope.

A day after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian military on Saturday banned top officials from travelling outside the country to ensure that former presidential loyalists don’t flee.

The ban comes into force immediately, an official announcement from the new regime said as Army removed barricades and barbed wires from around the Tahrir Square and the Egyptian capital limped back to normalcy after 18-days of turmoil.

An official statement said that officials could only travel with permission from State Prosecutor or the Armed Forces.

The new move to put restrictions on movements of Mubarak loyalists came as mystery continued to surround the whereabouts of the deposed president and his family.

While officially it is stated that Mr. Mubarak has shifted to his Sharm-al-Sheikh resort on the Red sea, other reports in the Arab media said he may have moved to Europe or the Gulf.

There was no word or mention of the ex-president from the new regime.

The Supreme Military Command Council, which has taken over the reins after Mr. Mubarak fled to his Sharm-al Sheikh resort retreat, announced that night curfew would be now in force only post-midnight.

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