Friday, April 1, 2011

Deb got tired to telling me what not to do, so she wrote it down for me... and you.

How to Invite a Lawsuit over YOUR Blog Posted on April 1, 2011 by debmcalister As the number of blogs has exploded, and more and more businesses add blogs to their corporate communications toolkit, a number of “experts” in social media and search engine optimization have sprung up to advise clients about the best blogging techniques. Unfortunately, few of them are lawyers, and even fewer have bothered to do their own original research on the legal issues that are unique to blogs – or even the legal issues common to journalists and writers in all fields. I’d not a lawyer, either — but I’ve paid for some of the best legal advice available over many years. One thing that’s become clear to me is that much of what bloggers think they know about their rights and responsibilities is quite simply wrong. Already, law firms are springing up to take advantage of this new revenue stream, and bloggers are finding themselves targeted increasingly for copyright infringement, privacy infringement, defamation, and the release of confidential information . Bloggers have lost their jobs, been subjected to arrest, had their computers seized, and been harassed and even physically assaulted by those who disagree with their point of view. Here are the five primary areas where myths are causing legal problems for bloggers: READ MORE ON THE LINK BELOW:

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