Saturday, August 20, 2011

What if our Congressmen and Voters had to sell their blood to pay the Interest n the National De, to pay for Our Wars, would they make better choices?

Let me tell you right now: I think donating plasma is an amazingly great thing to do. It’s a safe and easy way for people to help others while making some extra money. I’ve known poor college students that might have been homeless college students without plasma donation. And one time at the plasma center I met a single dad who told me he’d been giving plasma so he could put gifts for his daughter under the Christmas tree.

Without plasma donors like this, hemophiliacs, burn victims, and many other people in need could die waiting for essential transfusions.

This is a great example of a Win-Win situation. But I’m sure you have questions about the plasma donation process before you roll up your sleeve and let a phlebotomist take your precious plasma away. READ MORE ABOVE

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