Saturday, September 13, 2008

China moves along with Mercury and Apollo Experience!

On Thursday, a well known newspaper in Hong Kong reported that China, for its future space program, will train its new generation of astronauts. A fresh batch of space travellers would be required in the coming four to five years, since all other are in their forties including China’s first, Yang Liwei. Nearly 14 people would be recruited informed Yang, the director of Astronaut Research and Training Center.
A source recently reported, “They must be in excellent physical and psychological health, and be able to endure extreme environments. The average age will be 30, although those younger with the right qualifications will also be considered.”
Since China is planning to spacecraft rendezvous and dockings in near future, the new astronauts will be required to work even harder and will face more complex situations than the old astronauts.

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