Sunday, September 14, 2008

HNWIC - The Bubba Factor as Undecided Voters

Bubba is not going to vote for a black man.

There is a lot of talk about how Obama has got to be at or above 48% in all the state and national numbers come election day, because he is going to lose 70% of the undecided vote - because the undecided vote is REALLY the Bubba factor.
Bubba is not going to vote for a black man, but he is not going to tell anyone: "I am just not decided yet..."

When I walked into the local Radio Shack to get a battery for an exotic device, I notice that the young, Hispanic, woman sales associate was very helpful, and I reminded her that October 1 was the deadline for getting registered to vote. She told me she was registered and was very happy to be voting for a woman for VP. (I caught my breath, and asked the followup question...) "Oh, I am won't vote for a black man. They are too full of HNWIC... Head Nigger What's In Charge attitude. I won't want to be bossed around by him. Would you?" Battery bagged and I am out the door. SHE HAD SPOKEN.

Folks, there are some women and Hispanics in the Bubba vote this year, hiding in the undecided vote totals, waiting to come out on election day. I am not undecided.
Time to get off the fence.


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