Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Saturday on the way to work, I am listening to our local PBS station KERA 90.1 FM and hear mention of the health benefits of eating Two Coconut..

Macaroons per day. Turns out there is some good science to back this up... so, I tried it. It works.

Digestive Health and Weight Gain
When we are eating healthy whole foods with the absence of highly refined carbohydrates, weight gain should not be a problem. However, many people who have switched over to healthy diets, and have even limited their carbohydrate intake, still have problems losing weight. One reason is because many Americans suffer from some kind of digestive disorder that prevents them from properly digesting their food. Without a properly working digestive system, essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain proper weight may not be absorbed adequately from the foods we eat, even if we are eating healthy foods.
Candida is one digestive disorder where the digestive tract is overloaded with yeast because of the lack of probiotics in our digestive system. You can read more about Candida and coconut oil here. Other digestive disorders common today would include disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, gastritis, diverticulosis and constipation. More severe digestive disorders would include Crohn’s Disease, where many people have such a hard time digesting foods properly that they are actually underweight.
Whether or not you have a diagnosed digestive disorder, chances are that your digestive system needs some detoxifying and help! This is especially true the older we get. It is reported that about 95 million Americans suffer from some kind of digestive disorder. Americans spend more than $100 billion dollars annually on digestive health care! This is over three times as much as is spent annually on weight loss (about $33 billion dollars). Adding coconut oil to your diet can help overcome these problems that affect our health and our ability to lose weight, and they are unique part of the Coconut Diet that makes it more effective than popular low-carb diet plans.

Has anyone tried this with success? My mother-in-law gave me a newspaper article that said if you eat 2 Archway Coconut Macaroons daily, it could help your Crohn's pain and inflammation. I'm going to try it starting today, although the article says that it doesn't work for everyone. Right now I am desperate for anything that will give me some relief. I actually hate coconut, but I think of it as medicine--better than swallowing pills!!!! What do you all think?
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Am not sure that it helps but if that is what you crave during a flare up and you can tolerate them go ahead and indulge. Many patients get "cravings" for certain foods and some doctors feel it is the bodies way of getting what it needs during a crisis. The high sugar content and high fat of the coconut is most likely what you need. Many Crohn's patients report an urge for "cornflakes". Easily digested and unlikely to cause blockage.
Some of the literature is suggesting that the essential oils also in coconut have an anti-viral effect. They are beginning to suspect that the measles virus is the reponsible agent for the triggering of Crohn's Disease and that the Coconut Oil has a specificity to attack the viruses "shell casing." In another article it states some of the derivatives of the fatty acids found in Coconut Oil may make the virus vulnerable to destruction. That being said, does the Measle's virus go dormant , like many other viruses do in nerve tracks, and thusly cocunut is good as a chronic suppressing agent?


Archway Coconut Macaroon Cookies For Diarrhea People's Pharmacy®
May 27, 2002

This is one of the tastiest and most unusual home remedies we have ever collected.
Donald Agar had suffered from Crohn's disease for many years. Diarrhea was a constant problem. By accident he discovered that Archway Coconut Macaroon cookies helped control the diarrhea better than any medicine he had taken.
Lots of people have written to tell us that eating coconut macaroons has stopped their diarrhea.
This is the essence of home remedies. The discovery relied on serendipity, but Donald also paid attention to how his body responded.We cannot promise that these cookies will work for everyone with serious diarrhea, but for some people they seem to be amazingly helpful. And for mild diarrhea, there is no reason not to try.

FD: Archway Coconut Macaroons are now sold by Lance Foods in your local grocery stores.
However, what is it about the coconut? Oil and Fiber? Brauns sells them too.


Coconut Macaroons

2 cups Coconut
1/4 cup Flour
Pinch of salt
2/3 cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Add flour and coconut, stir together.
Add salt and mix again.
Add milk and vanilla and mix.

Drop by spoonfuls on greased pan.
Cook at 325 for 25-30 minutes.
Top will be golden brown.

Chocolate Dip
1/4 cup Semisweet chocolate chips.


Anonymous said...

I heard someone on that show mention taking MSM because her hair was thinning....well, I was having the same experience, and I had always had a thick head of hair until the last year or so. Not good for a i went to a health food store at the mall and asked and they do have it so I am now taking 2 tablets a day. So far no real effect on the head of hair but my eyelashes are really noticeably thicker than before, so that is a start...........

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred!
Coconut does help get rid of fungus in system. Can also use the oil for cooking. Also stop all peanuts and mushrooms. These are two of the biggest sources of fungus in our diets.
Helps to both stop putting in in as well as counteracting the effects. We have a lot of fungus in the air in this part of the world and that doesn't help either.

Good luck!
Enjoy your teaching free days!

Anonymous said...

Dear Freddallas,

Much of your potpourri on digestive disorders is not free from the odor and flavor of used crockery,

However the coconut macaroons
caught my eye. When my wife was in the hospital for over two
months in 2002, she lost (surgically) a great deal of her small bowel due to diverticulitis, resulting in refractory diarrhea.

Someone suggested to her that a couple of coconut macaroons a day
had been very effective for the diarrhea of Crohn's which itself
sometimes results in surgical removal of much small bowel.

It worked when all the diarrhea medicine did not!