Saturday, June 20, 2009

Read this Letter to the Editor in the Panola Watchman... Who says you are not paying for national healthcare? It is called the county taxes ...

Dear Panola Watchman Editor:
Maybe we don't have as many problems as we thought.
Last week, my wife and I were visiting our granddaughter, her mother and step-father in Yucca Valley, California (approximately 2 hours east of Los Angeles). In the evening they had a barbecue with friends, relatives and co-workers. As usual the men congregated on the patio around the grill.

The conversation got around to the fact that our former daughter-in-law had just registered her one ton dually Ford pickup. The cost for one year was over $800, an amount approximately twice what it had been previously. I was asked what it would cost in Texas. I replied that if I registered it as a farm vehicle, it would be less than $30, otherwise it would be less than $100.

Almost to a person the men related the sharp increase in various taxes, licenses and fees that they were paying. Most of them were very vocal in stating that they "hated" the State of California and would be leaving as soon as they could afford to do so or their career would permit. My granddaughter's other grandfather had purchased land in Nevada before he retired at Twenty Nine Palms, California. Upon retirement, he immediately moved there because of the tax burden in California.

Another bone of contention with the group as a whole was the illegal aliens who were living off of benefits paid for by the taxpayers including the clogging of the hospitals, particularly the maternity wards, all causing upward pressure on their taxes.

With all our taxes, fees and other costs of living in Texas, maybe we don't have it so bad after all. It could be worse. Of course that doesn't mean that we should not continue to strive to making it better, including being vigilant when we enter the polling booth.
Yours truly,
J. Clayton LaGrone
Letter to the Editor by J. Clayton LaGrone

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