Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am drving along I-20 listening to NPR's "To the Point" discussion of Obama's new budget... and I hear the statement "Estimates of projected

Federal Government Budget of 77% of GNP in year ....."
I wish there was a rewind button on my radio... what was said about the budget?

How can Federal Spending be projected at 77 percent of the Gross National Product in any year?

What could Obama be thinking... this can not be true!

Well, Folks, you need to listen to this program as I did.

We have got to stop our political bickering... WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT and it is headed for the falls, and no one is rowing against the current.

WHY? Entitlements... The Baby Boom is finally collecting their Social Security and Medicare Benefits that we all love so much... and we can not afford to pay it. No joke.



The Battle over the Budget in an Election Year (12:07PM)
When it comes to the economy, the President is pulling no punches. He's caught between the need to create more jobs while trying to reduce a crushing deficit. He claims Republicans caused the problem, and calls his $3.8 trillion budget a blueprint for avoiding disaster. Republicans call it just more taxes and increased spending. We talk with a top White House advisor and others about what it means for corporations, the wealthy and the middle class. Does the growing deficit threaten America's leadership role in the world? Would healthcare reform help get the country out from under water?

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