Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I think a few graphics... Perot style ... might explain the basic problem...."Hear that sucking sound of jobs leaving the US?" It can get worse...

Let me just use ONE SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_federal_budget

WE don't have to agree about the actual projection, let's just deal with the concept that we are ALL IN THE SAME BOAT and this is how we have been spending money since 2000...

Look at the Military Spending. Look at Social Security and Medicare. We are told that we can not touch these spending levels because they are entitlements and we are at WAR ...

Now look at our Federal Government Income PIE Chart... note the $1.4 trillion difference last year... which will be just as big if not bigger this year. WE BORROW that amount...

We are borrowing the difference each year that we spend like this.. that is the deficit that we seem to be arguing about in Congress these days.... click on the graphs to make them bigger.

IF you look in the LEFT Column of this BLOG you will see the Social Security and National Debt amounts turning over...back to my thought.

OK... now look at what is GOING TO HAPPEN because of the projected Military and Entitlements of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, EVEN IF WE DON'T DO ANYTHING.

FIRST, ALL THE BABY BOOMERS stop paying in and start taking out... and WE ALL live longer.

SECOND... Not only does this projection EXCEED the projected INCOME, which means BORROWING MORE MONEY if the Chinese will loan it to USa... it means that the Gross National Product of all goods and services produced by the USA is consumed by the spending of our Federal government.

Frankly... I don't think anyone will lend USa the money to do this to ourselves, but it seems STUPID that we let both political parties argue about this while our ship of state just keeps getting closer to the falls, and none of them want to discuss HOW WE MIGHT GET OUT of this situation.

Use WACO THE BARKING DOG in the left Column or the SET OF WIRED CANS to contact your Congressman/woman and your Senator... and maybe even the President to tell them that they need to stop bickering and get to work on this problem... at least start rowing USa to the shore.


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