Thursday, May 13, 2010

YELP! is looking at where to eat crawfish in Dallas this week...

We're catching the tail end of crawfish season here at Yelp, but don't cry just yet. You have a few more weeks to enjoy these fresh crustaceans while they're still getting shipped into Dallas by the truckload. Cast your nets, yelpers! This Weekly Yelp reveals some of the plumpest and spiciest mud bugs this side of the Gulf.

Head pinching and tail sucking is a messy business, which is why Matt T lauds the "jeans and t-shirt" vibe at Shuck N Jive. It's "always been his favorite place to get crawfish. Just order yourself a cold beer and chill on their patio." Ahh, the good life. Other yelpers opt to shuck up in Richardson at crawdad kingpin Big Shucks, where the helpings are large and in charge. Ya Lun W usually winds up eating about four to six pounds of these daddy-os, "but it's worth it! The seasoning is so spicy, which makes you want to keep eating and not stop." Hope you left room for some Tums!

The well-cooked 'fish at Dodie's "definitely hits the spot" for Katie T, where she gives extra kudos for the menu's Schooner beers. The schooner you try it, the better... right, KT? But Una H prefers to slurp up mud buddies at Nate's in Addison, where she has one warning: the 'Turbo' seasoning, though only an extra 25 cents, can be a dangerous investment - it nearly set her mouth on fire! Una Burning! And though the crawfish at Cajun Corner aren't served swimming in a pool of their own juices, Michelle N promises that they're still "succulent, buttery, spicy, and have a hint of sweetness." Now where did we put our potatoes and corn?

But what the shuck! It's not just the Cajun joints that know how to do it up right. Deep Sushi's Volcano Roll is "loaded with fresh, fresh, fresh crawfish and is absolutely to die for," according to Sadaf D. She "just can't stop thinking about it" – "you've got to try it!" And even though Melissa B didn't make it to the quarter for Mardi Gras this year, she managed to celebrate and fulfill her "craving for crawfish" at Jinbeh with the New Orleans roll. "This has to be the best presentation of Cajun flair ever found in a sushi bar." Sounds like these 10-legged bottom-dwellers are a hit no matter how you suck 'em down!

Where will you go to enjoy the last weeks of crawfish season?
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