Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a Head Hunter told me about resumes...What NOT to do in your resume.

· A resume that describes what they've done, not what they've accomplished. Employers aren't interested in learning about your personal work history; rather they want to know what you've achieved.
· The resume isn't designed to be evaluated by an electronic resume review system. Designing a document to be read and evaluated by a computer is the newest challenge. Most people and their friends aren't skilled in this new art. Hint: it's not about adding a block of keywords to your resume.
· The candidate's resume doesn't position them as a skilled problem solver. The recruiter is trying to hire someone to solve a specific problem faced by the organization. A high quality resume positions the candidate as the cure to that problem. Most people don't know how to position themselves this way.
· Formatting: A high quality resume uses the right fonts, bullets, paging, and column designs to be highly readable. Most candidates aren't experts on Microsoft Word, and it shows. Far too many skilled people look unprofessional when you view their resumes."

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